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1. (The FOCUS):

2. (The FUNCTION):
       The Great Commission"

       "The Four Pillars"

       "Nuts & Bolts"

5. (The FAMILY):
       "Close to God and One Another"

6. (The FUTURE):
       "Going Forward"

Part 1: "The Crown of Thorns"

Part 2: "The New Covenant"

Part 3: "The Light of the World"

Part 4: "Hosanna!"

Part 5: "The Foolishness of Easter"

Part 1: Faith That Works By
(James 1)

Part 2: Faith That Works in
(James 2)

Part 3: Faith That Works in
(James 3)

Part 4: Faith That Works in
 (James 4)

Part 5: Faith That Works in
(James 5)




1. "A Caring Family"

2. "A Force in the Community"

3. "A Safe Haven"

4. "An Empowering People"

5. "A People of Integrity"

6. "A Healing People"

7. "A Place Where God Moves"

8. "A Place Where Lives Change"


Part 1: Faith in Suffering

Part 2: Faith to Grow Up

Part 3: Faith AND Action

Part 4: Faith for Spiritual Discipline

Part 5: Faith to Get Close to Christ


1. "The Spiritual Continuum"

2. "Spiritual Momentum"

3. "Spiritual Influence"

Part 1: Choose to Commit

Part 2: Work Hard

Part 3: Focus

Part 4: Bounce Back


Part 1: "Come and Worship"

Part 2: "The Lamp and the Light"

Part 3: "The Paraklete"

Part 4: "The Sacred Conversation"

Part 5: "Responding to God"

Part 6: "Holy Space"


Part 1: Good News!

Part 2: Great Joy!


Part 1: JESUS - God Incarnate

Part 2: JESUS - Lord of the Sabbath

Part 3: JESUS - Master Teacher

Part 4: JESUS' Instructions on Prayer

Part 5: JESUS - Our Kinsman Redeemer

Part 6: JESUS Calls Us To Believe

Part 7: JESUS - Lord of the Little

Part 8: JESUS - The Life Changer
Part 9: JESUS and Lost Things
Part 10: JESUS and the Most Important Thing
Part 11: JESUS - Worthy of Extravagance

Part 12: JESUS and the Function of His Church

2014 - 2016

Part 1: "Peace"

Part 2: "Love"

Part 3: "Joy"

1. Crazy Little Thing Called Love.

2. Joy to the World!

3. Peace That Passes Understanding

4. Patience ...NOW!

5. Try A Little Kindness

6. Be Good

7: Gentle and Faithful

8: Get A Grip On Yourself

1: "The Chicken and the Egg"

2: The Fulcrum and the Lever"

3: "The Tetris Effect"

4: "Falling Upward"

Part 5: "The Zorro Circle"

Part 6: "The 20-Second Rule"

Part 7: "The Social Exchange"

Part 1: Jesus Our Savior

Part 2: Jesus Our Lord

Part 3: Jesus Our Friend

Part 1: "God-Breathed"

Part 2: "Useful for Teaching"

Part 3: "Useful for Rebuking
                and Correcting"

Part 4: "Fully Equipped"

Part 1: "Think Great Thoughts"

Part 2: "Follow Great People"

Part 3: "Dream Great Dreams"

Part 4: "Pray Great Prayers"

Part 5: "Take Great Risks"

Part 1: "A Humble Servant"

Part 2: "A Loving King"

Part 3: "A Glorious Savior"

Part 4: "A Victorious Lord"

Part 1: "A Different Answer"

Part 2: "A Different Perspective"

Part 3: "A Different Objective"

Part 4: "A Different Standard"

1: "This Church is AWESOME!"
2: "Koino WHAT?!
3: "A Mother's Request"
4: "Time, Talent, and Treasure"
5: "In Defense of Bragging"

 Part 1:  "wake up"
 Part 2: "be thankful"
 Part 3: "exceed
 Part 4: "do it NOW"
 Part 5: "do NOT give up!"
 Part 6: "get it done!"
Part 7: "love your people"

1. "God Is Always at Work"
2. "God Pursues a Relationship
With You"

3. "God Invites You to Join Him"
4. "God Speaks to You"
5. "A Crisis of Belief"
6. "Adjusting to God"
7. "Loving God in Obedience"

1. “In Christ...”

2. “I’m Praying for You”

3. “Life and Death”

4. “We Belong...”

5. “Putting Up With Each Other”

6. “This is Why We Are Here”

7. “Building a Home”
8. “Proper Dress Required”

"The Butterfly Effect"


"Thank You" "The Weird & Wonderful Body of Christ" "A Plan for Retirement" "The Messiness of Life" "A Man After God's Own Heart" "Have You Seen God?"
"A Faith of Our Own" "Work That Lasts" "Soul Detox" "The Prayer of Jabez" "Laugh Again"

1. "A Time for Reconciliation"
2. "A Time for Salvation"
"A Time for Celebration"

"Ok, Now What?" "The Power of a Blessing" "Jesus Lives!" Deep AND Wide "The Gift" "A Heroic Woman" "Church: Why Bother?"
"Grinches Steal More Than Christmas" "The Making of a Man" "The Making of a Man" "A Life Worth Remembering" "Red Sea Rules"

Part 1: "Worship the Son"
Part 2: "Welcome the Spirit"

Part 3: "Walk With the Father"

"Being Part of the T.E.A.M." "To Connect With God" "He is Risen! So What?" "The Generous Life" "Here's to You, Mrs. Wesley!"    


Chapter 1: "Fabulous, Fallen, and Flooded"
Chapter 2: "The Faith of a Fallible Father"
Chapter 3:  "Lessons Learned From A Dreamer"
Chapter 4:  "God ALWAYS Has a Plan"
Chapter 5: "Covenant"

Chapter 6: "The Catastrophic                       Consequences of Complaining"
Chapter 7: "Be Strong and Courageous"
Chapter 8: "Superheroes Need Not Apply"
Chapter 9: "The Kinsman Redeemer"
Chapter 10: "Are You Sure You Want
 to Be Like Everyone Else?"
Chapter 11: "Becoming the YOU That God Sees"
Chapter 12: "Carelessness and Consequences"
Chapter 13: "The Wisdom of a Foolish Man"
Chapter 14: "Divided We Fall"
Chapter 15: "A Fully Committed Life"
Chapter 16: "Demolishing Strongholds"
Chapter 17: "When Everything Falls Apart"
Chapter 18: "Faith in a Foreign Land"

Chapter 19: "A Subtle Erosion of Enthusiasm"
Chapter 20: "A Sense of Something Greater"
Chapter 21: "It's Time To Stop Crying"
Chapter 22: “Begin at the Beginning”
Chapter 23: “Vintage Jesus”
Chapter 24: “The Good Shepherd”

Chapter 25: "The Faith of Chicken Little"
Chapter 26: “Facing the Darkness”
Chapter 27: "Jesus Lives!"
Chapter 28: "The Beauty of Simplicity"

Chapter 29: "A Crazy Little Thing Called Love"
Chapter 30: "Put Your Clothes On!"
Chapter 31: "Not-So-Famous Last Words"

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