WELCOME!                         FCC will gather for Worship THIS Sunday at 10:00am in-person AND via Facebook livestream (click the link below).                         Masks are required for everyone attending Worship in-person. Click the link below for our COVID-19 Guidelines.                         Worship with us THIS Sunday!                         GOD BLESS YOU!

So, you're thinking of checking out FCC in person? Wonderful! We look forward to meeting you. Just in case you've never been to FCC before here are a few things you might find helpful...


Because we care about you, our families, our members, our friends, and our neighbors, FCC requires everyone to wear a mask and maintain social distance for all in-person gatherings. Please CLICK HERE for our guidelines.



FCC is located at the point of Saginaw and Washtenaw in beautiful, downtown Durand, Michigan. Tell Siri to get directions to 403 N. Saginaw Street in Durand, or CLICK HERE for detailed directions.


Because we are located in downtown Durand FCC does not have a parking lot, but please don't let that concern you. Convenient curbside parking is available on both Saginaw and Washtenaw Streets. In addition, our friends at Portland Federal Credit Union are closed on Sundays so they allow us use of their lot right across Washtenaw Street. Because of COVID-19 guidelines we ask everyone to enter through the front doors (the wooden doors at the south end of the building).

*NOTE: If you require handicap accessible parking we recommend the curbside spaces on Washtenaw Street which are near our elevator entrance. If you require the elevator please let us know when you make your reservation (see the info in the right column) and we will be glad to accommodate you.


While we appreciate it when everyone shows a certain level of modesty and respect, FCC is not going to tell you how to dress. We really do not care. Some of us are most comfortable in suits and ties while others opt for blue jeans or something in between. We have no dress code and if we did it would probably be something like, "please wear clothes."


FCC works very hard to be a "kid friendly" place. We are thrilled when children participate in Worship and other church activities. Because of COVID-19 guidelines we do not currently offer Kid's Worship or Nursery service. However, we are working to make sure parents and their children can worship with us and enjoy the experience.



Some people call it "worship," others call it, "the service," we like to call what happens on Sunday mornings at FCC, "The Worship Celebration." We start at 10:00am and usually dismiss right around 11:00am. We livestream our services on Facebook for those who are unable to attend in person. CLICK HERE for info about our livestream. Because of COVID-19 guidelines please familiarize yourself with all the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy in the right column on this page.  



Pastor Steve's messages usually last 20-25 minutes. He uses an expository style, which is to say he draws his outlines directly from Scripture and prefers to let the Bible speak for itself. He usually preaches his messages in series' that last 4-6 weeks each. His sermons are sprinkled with stories and humor and usually less painful than a root canal. For more information about the Pastor's current sermon series CLICK HERE.


You've probably figured out already we call ourselves "First Congregational Church," and you might be wondering what kind of church this actually is. Sometimes we wonder ourselves! Ok, just kidding. Actually, Congregationalists are among the oldest Protestant churches in the United States.
We trace our roots back to the Mayflower Pilgrims and we place great emphasis on the autonomy of the local church. That means we are not part of a denomination and all business of the church is carried out locally by its members. In addition, the people govern our church under Christ, not the pastor, or church board. Our members have the freedom to cultivate their relationship with Jesus Christ as they choose, and follow their individual convictions. However, with that freedom comes the responsibility to study the Bible so that personal beliefs are based on Scripture, not just opinion. For more information about what we believe CLICK HERE.


NOTE: The photos on this page are pre-COVID. FCC observes safety protocals for in-person gatherings.
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